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2014 {a year of change}

Jan 6, 2014

This is what I have decided for this year…listen to my favorite quote, loud & clear! Many changes have been in the works for the past several months, but I wanted to wait until the new year to start implementing them. This year I want to spend time doing what makes me happy, get back to the art I love and make pictures of beautiful people because that is what I love to do. Last year I spent so much time driving and away from my family that I started to resent my job and hated the way it made me miss some great memories with my husband and daughter…not to mention the actual business side of things…traveling 5+ hours costs money, a lot of it. But, I did it because I love my clients. I HATE saying no. However, this year I am still going to make the trip, but it will just be much less often and I am hoping that those who love working with me will do just that and make it work on the dates I will be in town or make the effort to meet me in the middle (better locations anyone?!?)! I will be in town once a month during the busy Spring & Fall months then every other month during Summer & Winter.  I will try to set up the option for regular sessions & mini-sessions on Saturday or Sunday so you can pick which option works best for you.  I don’t charge for travel to Fairfield and have always done that as a courtesy to my clients there, but I just can’t do it anymore as it isn’t fair to me or my family for me to make that drive & not always have it be worth my while (of course I LOVE seeing all of you, but you know…on the keeping my bills paid end of this deal). So…

This year is about simplifying my life & my business so no more having to choose. KEEP IT SIMPLE. No more packages. No more session fees compared to all-inclusive…just two choices: Full Session or Mini.

The Full will now be $450 (1/2 due at the time of the session, 1/2 due when images are finished)…this will include a 1.5 hour session, creative editing, and ~30 to 40 (this varies per session/# of ppl) images with copyright release (to print at Mpix online lab or any other approved lab that will give you quality images at a consumer price, but NO WALMART), & 11×14 Canvas Gallery Wrap of your favorite image. Of course, you will have the option of ordering any prints if you prefer, but now you don’t have to!


The Mini ($150) which will now be offered as an alternative, especially if you are one of my clients who gets yearly pics and really wants just a few to keep them updated of your adorable growing kids! This will include a 20 minute session, one location, 10 images with copyright release (to print at Mpix online lab or any other approved lab that will give you quality images at a consumer price, but NO WALMART).

This is the part that I hope does not make any of you Mommas-to-be upset with me, but I will no longer be photographing newborn sessions this year. I really want  to focus on what I love and newborns just make me angry with myself because I feel I just can’t get it right! They are so completely adorable and I think there are fabulous photographers out there who are made just for this kind of photography, but you have to be extremely special…and it just isn’t me. God did not trust me with this talent and as much as I have tried & tried, I just am not proud of the work that is produced when I do them so I have decided just to follow my heart and not take these kind of sessions in the future.  I have such a hard time in a session where I completely cannot control the situation…so props to all you ladies out there who think this is the best kind of photography…send me your name or if you have a newborn photographer you love let me know and I will happy to keep their name so I can refer any future clients their way!

LAST THING…weddings…I love them….beautiful brides, handsome grooms…but, the same goes here for the traveling.  I am only going to take 5 weddings past the San Antonio area this year and I am already booked for 3, so get on it! If you are wanting to book a wedding with me this year that is anywhere further than the San Antonio city limit please get with me soon so we can talk details.

I am looking so forward to this year and starting fresh, seeing old clients and meeting new friendly faces! Please message me or comment below with any thoughts on the changes to come this year. I hope everyone has started out the new year great and I encourage you to do the same this year…simplify your life & do more of what makes you happy. I plan to spend a lot more time making memories with my family this year and feel blessed for everything God has in store for us in the upcoming months!


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