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Simply Spanki Workshop | Girls Weekend {Austin}

Jun 15, 2013

I LOVE these ladies! Sometimes you happen upon people you know you were meant to meet and these ladies are just those kind of people.  These are just a few around 20 girls that attended the workshop, but we were all spread out across the country and wanted to get as many of us together as possible.  We spent a weekend in Austin…eating, drinking, talking, learning, shooting, shopping…it was amazing, can I go back now?? I think we all started this workshop dealing with the same struggles of wanting to be great businesswomen while also wanting to show the love and passion we have for what we do and do it in the efficient way possible. Spanki has been teaching us to “run our business, don’t let it run us” and I think although the inspiration and encouragement are some of the things I got most from this workshop, that is the other. I have been running my business for almost 5 years now and have loved every minute of it, but I truly think you cannot grow in business without change. I am excited for many changes that I will be implementing into my business over the next few months so stay tuned for some exciting things to come this year…and 2014 Seniors, watch out, great things coming your way!!
She called this workshop “Simply Spanki” because that is just what it was, a way to show us all exactly who she is and what she is about…how she has become one of the most successful senior photographers in the business while maintaining her personal style all at the same time. Spanki has become not only a mentor, but a wonderful friend over these past four months and I cannot thank her enough for all the amazing information, encouragement, and confidence she has given me.  This workshop is truly amazing for anyone who isn’t able to leave their home for several days or weeks at a time to attend and that likes to work at their own pace to implement the information/assignments she gives you.  I have never met another photographer who is so open with their techniques and “secrets”, Spanki is amazing, thank goodness for my husband talking me into taking her workshop, best business decision I have made in years. And…..hello….is she not goooooorgeous to top it all off???? In order shown: Heidi Kubes, ; Jill K Myers, ; Amber Barton (coming soon!) ; Wendy Wang,; Danielle Krohn,; Krystal Brayton,; Spanki Mills,


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