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Spooky + Cheyenne {Engagement} | Waco Photographer

May 6, 2010

He came into Sam’s where Cheyenne was working a few times a week, but at the time it wasn’t because he was in love with her, he was checking out another girl.  Little did he know he was looking at the wrong one and he would soon find just what he was looking for in someone completely unexpected. One day as she was hanging out with friends and eating ice cream after work, she was making a slight mess and Spooky commented on her less than graceful eating, saying “I will never take you anywhere!”.   He couldn’t have known that after that day he would rarely go anywhere without her.  They began meeting on lunch breaks and he began showing up to watch her twirl at every Friday night football game.  Being complete opposites, they never expected to end up together, but it has been almost two years and they are happier than ever. Best of luck to you both!


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