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Peanut Butter

Mar 18, 2010

You know that feeling you get when you eat too much peanut butter and your tummy just flutters?  Think I’m crazy? I thought my mom was too when she explained this theory to my friend Carrie and I awhile back saying this is what it feels like when you meet someone exciting that just makes your stomach all tingly and somewhat strange.  When you get nervous, anxious, and incredibly happy to see or hear from a certain person you realize this may be something special. Carrie thought she was nuts when she made us eat the peanut butter and only figured out what she was talking about when she met her new husband Ryan.  To this day I don’t think that feeling has faded a bit because she seems happier every day and I love watching them interact knowing that it takes two people just as crazy as the other to make things work as well as they do.  She didn’t hire a photographer, but as a friend attending the wedding I couldn’t help but capture a few special moments for her.  They were married this weekend at Marriage Island on the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk.  Congratulations to you both!


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